What is Dry Feb?

Dry Feb is a fundraiser that challenges you to go alcohol-free in February, and raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It helps you get healthy and clear your head while also raising funds for an important cause.

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Why take part?

The funds raised through Dry Feb will help the Canadian Cancer Society fund game-changing research and provide people living with cancer programs and services to turn to when they need support – like the free Cancer Information Service, which helps people across the country answer questions on all types of cancer, treatments, side effects and much more!

Having a month off alcohol has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers! So you're not only helping others, you're helping yourself. It's a win-win!


2019 Top Fundraisers

Avatar Name Raised
Pablo Doskoch $6,037
Dave Dhaliwal $5,633
Christiana Mellway $4,421
Trevor Smith $3,690
Mark Levitt $3,591
Dean Cursons $3,363
Jacqui Basha $3,073
Benjamin Rowlandson $2,884
James Kenney $2,828
Kevin Wagner $2,741

2019 Top Teams

Avatar Name Raised
Sandy's Warriors $10,021
Prosecc-no $7,261
Canada Snowboard $4,656
Beer Snobs United $4,507
Jackrat $4,008
Team Patsy Cake (for Pat Smith) $3,161
Cancer Sucks! $3,104
go away cancer $3,021
Team Umrysh $2,866
Wags 2019 $2,389

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