What your dinner plate should look like

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What your dinner plate should look like

Canada’s Food Guide recommends that you eat a variety of healthy foods each day. This includes:

• plenty of vegetables and fruit
• protein foods
• whole grain foods

Canada’s Food Guide is a handy tool that helps you make healthy choices and eat well.

Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit, a quarter with whole grain foods and a quarter with protein foods.

Check out Canada’s Food Guide resources to learn more about food choices and eating habits. And learn how to choose your portion sizes – no measuring cup needed!

Achieve your health goals by going Dry this Feb

Dry Feb is a fundraiser that challenges you to go alcohol-free in February to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It helps you get healthy, while raising funds for an important cause - it's a win-win. Sign up today!

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This article has been republished with permission from the Canadian Cancer Society's website.

Important Note

Dry Feb is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes. We would encourage people to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year. We advise heavy drinkers or people dependent on alcohol to speak with their doctor before signing up to Dry Feb.