10 smart ways to limit alcohol

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10 smart ways to limit alcohol

About 4 in 10 cancer cases can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the health of Canadians. The good news is you can reduce your risk of cancer right now. There’s no time like the present to start making positive lifestyle changes to feel better and live longer.

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Hydrate with water

A woman drinking a glass of water

Don’t use alcohol to quench your thirst.

Serve mocktails

Mocktails on a tray

When hosting a party, offer fun alcohol-free alternatives.

Measure your drinks

An empty glass

At home, use a shot glass to keep track of exactly how much you’re pouring. In restaurants, stick to single portions – don’t supersize your drinks!

Wind down without alcohol

A person reading a book with a cup of tea

Want to relax after a busy day? Go for a walk, practise yoga, have a bath, curl up with a book or chat with a friend.

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Choose non-salty snacks

A bowl of mixed nuts

Salt makes you drink more quickly. Eat veggies and dip or unsalted nuts.

Pace yourself

Two glasses of water with ice

Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink and space your drinks about an hour apart.

Set reasonable goals

A picture of a quote: Do something today that your future self will thank you for

You’ll have more success than if you try to cut out alcohol all at once. Try “I won’t drink alone” or “I’ll have 3 alcohol-free days a week” to start.

Skip “pre-drinking”

A group of friends

Don’t have drinks before you go out. It’s easy to lose track of how much you drink when you start at home and continue at a party, bar or restaurant.

Cut the alcohol in half

Drinks on a table

Have a shandy (beer with lemon-lime soda or ginger ale) or a wine spritzer (wine with club soda).

Take the focus off drinking

A group of friends playing pool

Don’t just sit on a barstool when you’re out with friends – dance, play pool or have some fun with karaoke!

This article has been republished with permission from the Canadian Cancer Society's website.

Important Note

Dry Feb is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes. We would encourage people to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year. We advise heavy drinkers or people dependent on alcohol to speak with their doctor before signing up to Dry Feb.

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