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To my family, friends, and co-workers ...

... thank you so much for helping Pablo in his fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society ... your donations, thoughts, and kind words are truly appreciated.

The last few years have been tough against Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer, but we are keeping a positive attitude, and also staying strong in faith ... we love you all.

In your thoughts and prayers, please also pray for all the families who have lost there loved ones to this terminal cancer that has an average life expectancy of 15 months.

And to Pablo, Nicolas, Adam, and my dear wife Lisa ... I love you guys so much ...
- when I'm hurting ... you give me strength to fight.
- when I'm down ... you give me positive vibes to stand-up and stay strong.

Whatever the future holds, and wherever the future takes me ...
- you will all always be in my thoughts, and
- you will all always be in my love.

Thank you all again,

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Pablo Doskoch

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