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Madeleine Masters

$1,107.00 raised

Target: $1,000


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Canadian Cancer Society’s 2019, I hate cancer and too many loved ones close to me, my friends, and others — so, I am gonna do this bc it’s not gonna be easy for me, and compared to those who have to deal with the big C, it’s the least I can do. Support me in any way you want. I’m gonna try very, very hard.

Status Updates

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$100.00 from Anonymous

You did it! Now if you do meat-free March I’ll be exponentially more generous <3

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Ahh thank you so very very much! .... March is a 31 dayer....but I will absolutely give it a shot eventually for you!
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$25.80 from Anonymous

Status Update

Today marks the.. haha was about to write 10 day count down and realized NOPE!! 8 days to go & have found some new drinks to drink to hopefully curb the want for my “Apple juice” 🤪😉

Status Update

I would like to thank my mommy Lorraine and second father Dave for their generous donation bringing me closer to my second goal!!! I am honoured to make them proud ❤️

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$200.00 from Lorraine Robson

We are so proud of you ... and know the challenge for you ... love you mom/Dave.

Status Update

Only 12.5 days left woo hoo!

Status Update

So we are half way thru - over the hump! - of dry February! Have taken a love for club soda raspberry & lime, cherry coke/Pepsi, and cherry Gatorade (< ok that ones a constant love not new but anyways)!
Keep donating ! I have met cancer survivors and newly diagnosed people lately and it reminds you that it’s every where. Continue to support the research to continue making advancements the frustrating battle against Cancer!!!!

Status Update

Go Leaaaaaafs Gooooooo

Status Update

The challenge has been going better than expected I must say !! Thanks to my honey who is also essentially taking part ❤️ Ie not in front of me ❤️

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$50.00 from Anonymous

Celebrating a serious win over Montreal — Go Leafs Go!!!!!!!

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