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Julie Tay-Peatz

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Canadian Cancer Society

After negotiating my own way through an early stage breast cancer diagnosis (that came back three times) - I have an extremely high respect for all the medical professionals who have helped me through all the stages of this diagnosis. I want others dealing with the C word to feel the same support I experienced and additionally find all those researchers and professionals find ways to treat all forms of cancer successfully!

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$172.81 from Laurel Burns

You are a magical being an amazing woman. Here's enough to reach your goal. I hope everyone who comes here after me helps you exceed it.

Looking forward to a catch up soon!

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$25.80 from Andrea Lawrence

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$50.00 from gerald peatz

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$100.00 from Veronica Ford

Go Jules go!! ( don’t judge me for saying this as I drink a glass of wine… ) you are an inspiration !!

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$50.00 from Kathlene Tay

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$51.40 from Jennifer MacSweyn

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$50.00 from Dorothy Tay

Bless you. Xxxxx

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$4,008.21 raised

Target: $1,000.00


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