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Erin Crowe

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Canadian Cancer Society

Not all of you may know this, but the last two years have been very eye opening for my family where cancer is concerned. In the spring of 2017, my dad was diagnosed with, later had surgery and treatment for and is now a survivor of prostate cancer. More recently, my uncle passed away in late January very suddenly from cancer that he had only been diagnosed with two weeks prior. He never had the chance to seek treatment as there was none currently available for the aggressive form of cancer that claimed his life. On top of this, a close family friend of mine also lost his life to cancer In January after an awful 6 month battle with the disease. My hope is to be able to collect donations that will help assist in research, so that in future other families will have the treatment options that weren’t currently available.

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$20.00 from Kim Dennis

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$46.28 from Colin Foster

Proud of you babe! Love you!

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$51.40 from Rick & Debbie Crowe

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$25.80 from Matthew Leitao

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$20.00 from Craig Anderson

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$25.80 from Lorraine Stenberg

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$25.00 from Colin Foster

Good job babe. I’m proud of you :)

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$25.00 from Sandra Harsidi

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$25.80 from Ally Coy

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$75.00 from Steve Badger

Way to go Erin!!

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