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Dave Dhaliwal

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Target: $5,000


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Canadian Cancer Society

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A few months ago my best friend of 20 years, my rock who always stood next to me when I gave her no reason to was diagnosed with this fricking bullshit. All that know me, know I live on the edge, and enjoy my pops especially during football season. I am not just pledging to not have a drop, but also pledging to quitting Smoking after all these years of playing russian roulette with my body.

Watching my father go thru this who kicked it’s ass three times and now my wife, I realize no matter what our circumstances are we are so fortunate and lucky for our family and friends!

I see people struggling and trying to make ends meet when we are at treatments, and Sandy I both wanted to help.

Half of the money raised goes to patient care and the other half for research.


Status Updates

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$102.60 from Suveg S Parmar

Good luck guys, great cause!!!

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You too my friend thank you! 🙂
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$30.00 from Geeter Grewal

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Thank you Gippy!
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$102.60 from Robert Mangat

Great cause brother let's get that goal and help eradicate cancer !!

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Love ya brother 😘
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$256.20 from Dave Dhaliwal

Come one boys and girls open your hearts and wallets! I am not going to drink at Super Bowl!?!? YES ME NOT DRINKING DURING FOOTBALL!!

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$8,069.84 raised

Target: $5,000.00


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