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Christiana Mellway

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Canadian Cancer Society

As many of you know, I signed up to do this fundraiser to support the cancer cause - with nearly 1 in 2 Canadians diagnosed in their lifetime, almost all of us are affected so how could I not participate?

That all changed when on January 28, my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. In fact, everything changed.

Suddenly, my fundraising had a face associated with it. A face that has stood beside me my whole life. A face that now needs my help.

Fundraising has become a huge priority for me in my dad's journey - how else do you help when you feel so helpless?

I've been so lucky to be able to travel back to Winnipeg to be by his side while he undergoes intensive treatments, but I want to do more.

I want to ensure that no daughter, brother, mom or friend ever has to feel the fear, helplessness and worry of a cancer diagnosis.

I want to ensure that my dad's journey is not for nothing - that it is one that will positively impact lives in years to come.

And I want to ensure that my dad knows that he is not alone on this journey - that he has a huge community behind him, working together to propel him forward in this difficult time.

Please consider supporting me in honour of my dad, Chris Mellway, and help me prove that together, we're stronger than cancer.

Thanks for your support. xo

Status Updates

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$20.68 from Susanna Tyson

You can do this!

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Thank you SO much Susanna - I really appreciate your support!!!
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$50.96 from Lisa Huynh

Sorry I couldn't join Team Prosecc-no this year! But, glad I was able to help with the name of the team! ;)

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I mean, the name was really the heavy lift (but actually). Thanks for killing it girl, and thanks for the amazing donation!!!
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$25.80 from Rosie Hales

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I wish this was more dragon boat-related fundraising and less no drinking related, but alas. haha! Thanks so much darling!!!
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$102.60 from Shane Morgan

Good luck.

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Thank you so much, friend!! Glad we got a good celebratory night before this kicks off!! ❤
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$102.60 from Stephen Andersen

Better you than me! ;)

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Steve, this is such an amazing surprise...thank you so much for your support!!!!
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$100.00 from John Hayes

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This is so generous John...thanks so much!!!
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$20.68 from Scott Thompson

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Scott!!! This is so lovely of you....Thanks so much!!
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$30.92 from Megan Kenny

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Yay!! Thanks so much you little angel! 😇
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$51.40 from Janna Miller

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Your support means the world. Thanks so much!!!
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$50.00 from Jess Brown

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Eeee!!! Thanks girl!!! Really appreciate your support! ❤

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